Exhibition & Events
An Exhibition is not just a show to display products and services, but a medium to communicate directly with customers, partners, competitors and agencies. An Exhibition is a significant marketing tool to effectively implement corporate marketing strategy. A successful exhibition design should establish a unique identity and create a memorable visual look. The same look, character and identity of the exhibition booth must turn an abstract identity into a face that people can like and trust. Therefore exhibition design is the art of converting abstraction and emotion into a medium for brand messaging and identity. The goal is to create a complete, integrated package that will have an inviting presence at the show, so that the visitor surrounded by many competing demands for attention will be attracted to the stand, and then have a enjoyable experience enhanced both by the stand and the personnel. With a cleverly conceived, custom designed stand the exhibitor’s message and branding is much powerfully established.
We aim to deliver the right message to your customers paving the way for effective communication. Single or multiple events are the most effective marketing tool to raise customer interest. We are fully committed to the development of specialized content for corporate promotion. We know that every event presents its own unique set of challenges across the spectrum of responsibility from administration through to site management.
We shall rise to the occasion, blending creativity with logic to help you realize your vision. Sconce has the requisite team to provide the following services for its various projects:
1. Conceptualisation
2. Design Development and Detailing
3. Planning & Project Management
4. Freight & Transportation of Exhibits
5. Fabrication
6. Installation and Supervision
7. After Sales Services